How it works

The first step is to choose your taxi from a list of drivers who are available. You can choose from taxis that include detailed descriptions of the service along with 4 photos of the vehicle. Weather you need a large vehicle, Wi-Fi enabled, or an English/other language speaking driver, this service will give you the ability to plan and book your taxi in advance.

By going into the detail page of any taxi, you will see the photos and details but will not be able to book. In order to book, you must first register on our site and activate your account with an email. Once you do this, you can proceed to book the taxi of interest. You can view the availability of the taxi which is displayed in the timetable on the bottom left of each taxi description page:

If the your desired pick up time slot is available, the timetable will have a green square. The arrival time-slot is the time that the taxi will reserve for your arrival. If you flight arrives at 8:00 AM, the you would reserve the time-slot 7:00-9:00 and specify your flight number and scheduled arrival time in the booking confirmation page. The final step is to confirm the booking. In the Booking confirmation page, you be asked for the flight number and scheduled arrival time along with your personal details like mobile phone number. Once you confirm your booking, a payment confirmation page will appear with your booking details along with a PayPal button on the button. Pressing this button will take you directly to the PayPal payment gateway. There, you can proceed to pay with your proffered payment type and/or credit card.

Finally, both you and your driver will receive an email confirmation of the booking. This email will include your unique booking confirmation code along with the Payment.

Now you will be pickup at the arrivals of Madrid Barajas Airport with an official Taxi driver holding a sign with your name.

Enjoy your visit to Madrid!