Question - I missed my flight and will not be able to get to my pick up as scheduled.

Answear - You have a minimum of 120 minutes prior to scheduled arrival to contact us via the email booking confirmation or by phone in order to receive a full refund

Question – My flight has been delayed and I am due in a few hours

Answear - Your driver has real-time information about your flight status. You have a 2 hour reservation slot so if you are within the time frame, your driver will wait if needed. If you arrive later than 2 hours after your scheduled booking time and the taxi cannot pick you up because of other bookings, you get a 100% refund.

Question – My flight has been canceled today and I am due to fly out tomorrow or later

Answear - You will email your driver to confirm your new arrival details. If you and the driver cannot come up with a pickup date and time, you get a 100% refund.

Question – I am not satisfied and would like the customer complaints form and would like to log a complaint.

Answear - In order to be enlisted on our website, each taxi operator must have a regional authority complaints book (Hoja de reclamaciones)

Question – I just want to cancel my booking and get a refund

Answear - You cannot get a refund if there is no justified reason such as plane delays and airport issues.

Question – Can I book a wheel chair ready taxi (ramp, interior, safety)?

Answear - One of the options in the "Type of Taxi" in the "Listing" section is "Wheel Chair Ready". Select this option and you will see only modified taxis prepared for accessibility.