About is a travel and leisure company based in Madrid, Spain.

Our details are as follow:

Gestora de servicios digitales

Calle San Mario, Nº 47 

28041 Madrid España

CIF: B86574977


Our service is a guaranteed gateway between licensed taxi owners/operators and the end traveler. We have created a detailed procedure which incorporates travelers rights, taxi legislation in Spain, and a guaranteed refundable online payment mechanism. We give the traveler the ability to choose the car and driver of their choice and be picked up at the terminal by someone with your name on a large display. We work exclusively with licensed taxi operators from “La Comunidad de Madrid” who enlist in our program. In order for taxis to enlist in our website, we go through a thorough check of their service and require the following:

  1.  Fully qualified licensed Taxi in “Local Madrid Authority (La Comunidad de Madrid)”
  2.  Vehicle not over 8 years old
  3.  Able to accept credit card payments over Internet
  4.  Have a fully qualified and accredited 100% refund policy on deposit (PayPal)
  5.  Can check your flight status at anytime (Driver has iPhone/Android with tracker program)

We have created this service with the travelers interest in mind and have taken every necessary step to ensure that your trip to Madrid starts with a driver and car at the Airport. You will have a 4 hour courtesy delay buffer around your arrival time that we will monitor and will be at the arrivals gate if your plane arrives within 4 hours of the booked slot. For more details regarding the service, see the FAQ.